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Put simply, Google Adsense is a programme run by Google to help Advertisers gain publicity for their products and to help publishers earn money from providing content-relevant advertisements to readers of all kinds of sites on the world wide web. You can see an example of Adsense in action directly above this paragraph.

Simple enough for you?

Lets delve a little deeper into Google Adsense and look how it can make you a little money from a few minutes of your time by setting up a Google Adsense account.

If you already have a website of any kind of substance you are probably familiar with many of the tools that Google provides to help make the most of your website traffic. ‘Analytics’ and ‘Webmaster Tools’  are a couple that you may be familiar with, Google Adsense uses a similar format and should be available from within your google account. If you need to set up a Google Adsense account, you can do so by following our link to Google Adsense

What does Google Adsense look like?

The Ads that Google Adsense generate are often found at the top of blog posts in a block of text or perhaps in a side bar like the one on the left of this page. Often these Adsense ads are blocks of text but sometimes they may be banner images, either in the form of long ‘skyscraper’ banners or square blocks.

What Happens when a visitor clicks on an Adsense Ad?

As far as your visitor is concerned, nothing. That is he/she will not notice that they have clicked on an advert, no flashing lights or horns will sound to let them know; they will simply be directed to webpage at the destination of the link that Adsense provided. If Adsense has done its job properly and if your webpage has lots of relevant content, the Adsense ad should be related to this content and should be providing information to web pages that equally suit the content that the Adsense ad is linking from. For example if the Adsense ad is on a page relating to Printers, then the Ad and the webpage linked to should also in theory be related to Printers.

As far as the publisher is concerned, when a visitor clicks on an Adsense ad, a small amount of the advertising revenue, perhaps 2 pence, or 2 cents etc will be added to the Adsense account for the websites Adsense account owner. Once this revenue has reached a pre-determined amount (£60 at time of press) the revenue earned from Adsense is then paid directly to the advertiser.

How can I Get the Most out of Adsense?

This is one of the most often asked questions for Google Adsense users. The problem is that many web users have become blind to many forms of advertising, they simply subconsciously ignore a lot of obvious advertising as we are used to seeing it almost everywhere. The trick is to help your Adsense ads to become part of your content, to help your subject matter and not just to annoy your visitors with mindless advertising.

Google Adsense lets you customise almost every aspect of the ad text, from background colour, descriptive text colours and fonts and the format of links. It is important to make sure that links look like links, and match the style, font and colour of other links on your webpage. The standard universally recognised colour of link text is blue (#0000ff) but this may not always be usable as you can see from the Adsense ads on this wesbsite.