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Upon release of Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone and iPad operating system, iOS5 an unprecedented number of users trying to download the software has lead to swamped servers at Apple HQ.

The sheer numbers of iPhone and iPad users trying to gain access to the download by connecting through Apple iTunes is¬†seemingly outnumbering the number of connections allowed to the servers. And with many users opting to try and try again upon the advice of other users on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, the problem isn’t about to get any easier any time soon, at least not until the demand has dropped or users decide to simply give up.

The most common error message seems to be “An Internal error occured” (without a specific error code)

Our experiences suggest that this is not an internal error with the hardware itself, rather an error in connecting with the Apple servers because of the demand that is the more likely to blame.

So Far, the demand has not caused any widespread server outage, comparable with the recent worldwide Blackberry service issue, the system does seem to still be up and running despite the overload in demand. It seems most likely that¬†perseverance is the only recommended fix…or you could try just turning it off and then on again!

Among the long list of solutions many are trying are;

  1. Turn on ‘Flight Mode’ before trying to perform the upgrade
  2. uncheck the ‘Sync Music’ option
  3. Restore to factory defaults, then let the firmware install to the latest verson itself (not recommended)
  4. Simply keep trying like everyone else